Droplet cocktail + mocktail guide

Droplet cocktail + mocktail guide

Unpopular opinion: it’s time we all graduated from the Shirley Temple. Virgin drinks are no longer just for the kids— especially in 2021.

Whether you’re looking for less liquor or more health, we’ve got you covered. Enter your email below for an exclusive download of our cocktail guide, featuring some of our favorite low ABV cocktail recipes that we made with our freshest Droplet flavors.

We’re mixologists and food lovers at heart, so when we set out to create Droplet, we wanted the experience to be similar to the one you have when you’re drinking a well made, artisanal cocktail— but with the option to stay booze-free, caffeine-free, processed sugar-free, and stress-free.

For our cocktail guide, our lead food scientist came up with some smart ways to make cocktails and mocktails fast! Since our drinks are made with whole fruit purées and naturally sweetened, they’re easy to use as mixers or as mocktails themselves, without you having to fiddle around with a juice press, wrangle some lemons, procure a cocktail shaker, and/or top with a tonic. Our friends at Gray Whale Gin also contributed a few boozier recipes, if that’s your choice!

And, if you’re looking for easy mocktails for a crowd, a single 12 oz can of Droplet can be split amongst multiple servings, which means you’re getting a punch bowl upgrade.

Whatever your mood is, our adaptogenic beverages were made to work well on their own, so you are free to make some bright, sparkling water “cocktails” or a experiment with a few different mocktails at home. Pro tip: pour a Droplet over some fresh fruit, add a whimsical garnish, and you’ve got yourself a #cocktailphotography photo session.